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Your solution for auto/personal injuries

Auto accident injury can cause serious damage to the musculoskeletal system that require prompt care following the accident.

Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, it is important to your future health to get prompt diagnostic evaluation to determine the potential injuries and/or the severity of your injuries.

Here at Body Shop Chiropractic, we evaluate auto accident victims, devise a plan of treatment emphasizing restoring proper motion and position of the spine. Treatment alleviates pain, dizziness, swelling, fatigue, sleep disruption and muscle spasms that can occur.

Dr. Williams offers a healthy, drug-free solution for most injuries suffered by auto accident victims. Treatment includes electrical therapies, ultrasound, heat and ice and other hand on treatments to quickly restore proper joint motion and reduce spasm.

Dr. Williams can also order any diagnostic testing needed ie: X-ray, MRI's. He will also refer patients to any other specialists as needed to treat the injuries ie: Orthopedist, Neurologist.

Body Shop Chiropractic has a decade of experience in getting you the care you need by getting your case approved and paid for by your auto insurance carrier.

Please call our office at 856.354.0044 to schedule your appointment. When you make your appointment we will send you a link to fill out all the NEW PATIENT INTAKE information online before your first appointment or you can download the PIP PATIENT INTAKE FORMS and have them filled out before your first visit or fax them to us at 1-856-354-1944.

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